The Majestic Fjords

HardangerAlong the coast of Norway, the sea penetrates deep into the mountain wilderness and forms the majestic fjords. With peaks and plateaus surrounded with mysterious mists, accessible by steep, curved mountain roads and railways, this destination offers breathtaking panoramic views and never ceases to delight and impress. A cruise on one of the famous fjords is certainly a major highlight.

The land of the Midnight Sun

North CapeThis magnificent region north of the Arctic Circle offers undisturbed nature, fantastic scenery and some of natures most spectacular phenomenons, the Midnight Sun during summer and the Northern Lights during winter. Discover the North Cape and experience the Sami culture, visit the Lofoten Islands, considered by many as the most beautiful landscape in Europe and one of the worldŽs last unspoiled easily accessible regions.


The Nordic Capitals


The history and culture, combined with beautiful locations by the sea, give the four Nordic capitals their unique characteristics. Stockholm, often called "Venice of the North", due to its numerous canals and waterways. Copenhagen, famous for its Little Mermaid and historic castles. Oslo, situated at the head of the Oslo Fjord, surrounded by forested ridges. Helsinki, "Mother of the Baltic Sea", famous for its design and architecture.